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More than thirty years not too short,from a seed to forest,the big tree open full of flowers. More than thirty years¡¯ skip distance,also is from UDIN to AISIBAO¡¯S journey.
First we choose the Lighting industry,just only we like it,it can be bring light, also the  temperature can decorate life.
To the honest man,to the credibility of the world,inheritance one world which carries  weight and then it have UDIN this brand, one world which carries weight for quality  and service.
At the beginning we walk outside,we design the best Lighting and then bring it around  the world.
Because of this,at more than thirty years¡¯ mileage.
We are arrived in a lot of difference places,and saw a lot of difference local conditions  and customs.
Cultural agitation,precipitation of experience also let us know,what we actually want to do?


The seed start to out of the earth,and destined to choose grow up face to the sunshine,till the biggest trees open full of flowers.We want to make a particular Lighting brand,it comfortable¡¢freedom¡¢peculiar especially elegant and charming.
We are very earnest, always like to do it extremes, then we have a good journey  for an innate elegant detect and make all the inspiration into product design thus  assume another pure and fresh delicate.