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    AISIBAO, phonetically translated as "Espoo" in Chinese, is Finland's second-largest city. It is a place where vibrant flowers blanket the earth, new life emerges from the sides of ancient trees, and the cheerful chirping of birds echoes through the air, reminiscent of the lines from ancient Chinese poetry: "When cicadas stop, the forest grows quieter; when birds sing, the mountains become more secluded."

    In 2012, the founder of AISIBAO Lighting arrived in Espoo, a city known for its harmonious coexistence with nature. Inspired by the deep reverence for nature, this philosophy is reflected in the design of every lamp. Thus, AISIBAO Lighting, a modern and luxurious lighting company, was established.

    AISIBAO Lighting, a flagship brand under Jiuding Lighting Co., Ltd., is manufactured by Junyang Lighting Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 1987, AISIBAO Lighting has taken pride in its exceptional after-sales service, providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality support. We understand the importance of after-sales service and always prioritize customer satisfaction. Whatever issues you encounter, we spare no effort to ensure your satisfaction.

    AISIBAO Lighting boasts its independent glass production workshop, providing a solid foundation for our products. We use natural colored glass rods imported from Europe, which possess superior texture and more natural colors compared to domestic ones, imbuing our products with unique quality and charm. Each glass product is meticulously crafted by our experienced artisans, ensuring outstanding quality.

    Our product line encompasses a variety of types, including pendant lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and glass lamps, with styles ranging from modern to luxurious, fashionable to American, European to Italian. Each product is the culmination of the dedication of our professional design team, combining cutting-edge design concepts with exquisite craftsmanship.

    AISIBAO Lighting will continue to uphold the philosophy of quality first, continuously innovate, and exceed expectations, bringing customers more surprises and delights!